2 thoughts on “Who You Follow Is More Important Than Who Follows You

  1. Genevieve says:

    I Respectfully disagree, if my followers read my stuff and like it… that’s more important than “who follows me” … I get that “more” = success but I don’t agree that it’s always the hard and fast rule.

  2. Derik Boik says:

    I think I do agree with you. I wouldn’t say I ever “obsessed” over how many Twitter followers I had but I definitely used to think about it more than I do now. Sometimes, I look at someone that has a lot more followers than me and wonder why. Often, I see someone with over 20,000 followers and realize that they’re also following a few thousand people and just retweets all day long. I realize that this is a trick to get more followers (and it obviously works) but to what purpose? Surely, quality over quantity applies to your “fans” right?

    I once asked a friend for advice on getting more followers and she told me I could buy some, that there were websites that sold packages of “followers.” I was appalled by this. I told her, “That’s not what I meant at ALL!” Then she told me that there’s a trick where you can follow as many people as you can, then unfollow them, then follow more people, unfollow them, follow, unfollow… forever. AND there were websites you could pay to did that for you too. “I don’t want that either,” I said. She just looked at me and said, “Then I don’t know what you want, you may not have a ton of followers, but they’re real. And you have a lot more than me.”

    And that’s when I stopped worrying about how many followers I had. Because, really, it doesn’t matter how many followers I have, as long as they’re real. (And as long as I have more than my friend.)

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