4 thoughts on “How To Get More People To Join Your Email Mailing List

  1. Tom Stewart says:

    I’m wondering why you feel standard email is more effective than contacting fans through a social media like Facebook. Essentially you can message people with the same info, links, etc the same way, no?

  2. Josh Spector says:

    Hey Tom, the reason is because most people on Facebook will miss your updates.

    On average, only 5%-7% (at most) of your Facebook fans will actually see your updates. By comparison, at least 50% of the people on your email list will likely open your email and you can see as high as a 80% open rate on emails in some cases.

    So the reason email is the most valuable is because it gives you the best chance of getting your fans to see your stuff – by a large margin.

    Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. are all great tools and they’re worth using. But they’re not as valuable as email and I’ve found this to be the case with my own stuff as well. I get WAY more feedback/response from my 1,200 email subscribers than I do from my 5,700 Facebook fans.

  3. Josh Spector says:

    One other thing I forgot to mention. You own your email list and it’s unlikely people will stop using email any time soon.

    If you rely on Facebook, and Facebook fades away – like MySpace and other social networking sites have in the past – then you’ve lost your connection to your fans.

  4. NewentryBand says:

    Thanks much for those tips…
    We also trying to grow our fan base as a live band, need as much advise possible.

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