6 thoughts on “8 Tips To Get More Twitter Followers

  1. Thanks for the tips. I was obsessed with increasing my followers at the start but I realized that the quality of followers is important as well. If your goal is to make your site viral, you need people who read and share your content.

    A big number of followers is useless if your links are not read and shared.

  2. doug shear says:

    Nice, value added information. We should all be doing what you’re doing, but since you are already doing it…

  3. willy kabayabaya says:

    I m very happy to learn the 8 steps I m a comedian and with your information I bigin to know what is my job what can I do in orderv to promot mya talent.THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  4. Jay says:

    Great Info! Thanks a lot! Therefore I shall leave this! Follow me @J3vdberg :)) thanks!

  5. Dan says:

    Great info CC! Quality over quantity is a good way to look at your fans. love it! @quicklaughprod

  6. kyle says:

    This is some great information! Jinkies!


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