2 thoughts on “How To Figure Out What You Should Post On Each Of Your Social Media Platforms

  1. Derik Boik says:

    Thank you and thank you again. This is very helpful.

    And, by the way, since yesterday, I have changed my Tumblr page to http://www.derikboik.tumblr.com and have re-customized the layout and color scheme to be more in-sync with my website.

    I have also made a bunch of changes to my website, one being that all of my posts now appear on the home page as a customized excerpt with thumbnail. They used to appear in their entirety which would deter me from posting certain content like articles, fearing that they would just be too long.

    And finally, I will stop auto-posting my Tumblr to my Facebook, which I have been doing (profile, not fan page). The main reason is that I have always been discouraged from reblogging on Tumblr so as not to annoy the hell out of my Facebook friends. I realize now that reblogging, or sharing, is a valuable way to connect, especially on Tumblr and not doing so is stupid.

    That being said, I’m not about to go crazy with the reblogs. I still can’t figure out why so many people with Tumblrs post 100 posts per day that are all just reposts of shoes, kittens, surfboards, extreme close-ups of sandy feet…etc. etc. What’s the point of that? But then again, those people have over 10,000 followers for some reason.

    Thanks again Josh,

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