12 thoughts on “How I Increased My Facebook Fans By 470% In Two Days For $20

  1. Tom Emmons says:

    Very cool. I really appreciate the info on you ad experience with facebook. Your breakdown of the resulting numbers is very interesting, (and encouraging.)

  2. 7 cent CPC on Facebook is impressive, dude. Now that you’ve got it dialed in with the most effective ad copy, image & headline, switching it over to CPM will probably lower your CPC even more.

  3. Josh Spector says:

    Yeah, I thought about that and will probably experiment with it at some point. Not sure it’s actually going to be better in this case though – at the moment I’m getting the equivalent of a $0.24 CPM, which seems pretty good.

    I think where I’m really benefiting is the viral impact of people’s connections seeing their friends liking the page and then being introduced to it that way (at no cost to me).

    For example, I’ve spent the same amount every day for three days ($10) and here’s the results:

    Day 1 – 97 fans added
    Day 2 – 148 fans added
    Day 3 – 158 new fans added with 8 more hours to go.

    The exponential growth is what’s really so great about a Facebook campaign when it works.

  4. Whit Shiller says:

    Hey Josh — what did you set as your maximum bid? Facebook suggests a range of .90 – 1.20 — which is a fair amount higher than your average cost per click. But the actual vs maximum may be very different.

  5. Josh Spector says:

    Hey Whit, there’s a couple different things to consider here.

    First, Facebook’s suggested range will always vary based on the targeting – you’re bidding against competition and there’s always different levels of competition. Also, the same targeting will fluctuate on an almost hourly basis as more (or less) people are competing for that same audience.

    Also, like you mentioned, you will typically wind up paying less than Facebook’s suggested bid range – keep in mind that your bid is really just stating the maximum amount you’re willing to pay.

    I usually set my maximum bid to be on the lower end of the Facebook suggested range – so in the example you listed I would probably start out with a .90 bid. If my ads weren’t displaying at that level of bid, I could always increase the bid.

    But again, most likely you’ll wind up getting your ads shown for less than the maximum bid you set.

    All of this stuff is constantly in flux, but hopefully that helps you.

  6. Wood Sugars says:

    We found you after a friend ‘Liked’ your page, so it IS spreading fast!
    Thanks for website and all your help.

  7. how do i set up a fan page on facebook

  8. Josh Spector says:

    Hey Brad, here’s a link to details about how to set up a page:


  9. Ruthie Glynn says:

    Yes! Totally way cool of you to explain it to us!

  10. Tod says:

    Okay, how are you getting $0.07 CPC?!

    Mine are hovering around $1.00.

  11. Josh Spector says:

    Hey Tod, you can email me at josh @ connectedcomedy.com and we can discuss. Pricing depends on a lot of factors including who you’re targeting, etc.

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