9 thoughts on “Want More Traffic On Your Website? Take The 5 Day Challenge

  1. Derik Boik says:

    Okay, you know that I love all of your info. But this is definitely something that I keep struggling with…

    I think (emphasis on think) that my website is pretty good. I am not a web designer, I just bought a URL and used Word Press to build it, BUT I think it looks okay and is easily navigable. Also, my goal in making it, was for it to be for “fans” and have a separate tab for “booking.”

    So, my home page is a blogroll. And the posts I put there are interesting updates like “I’m hosting the Otto & George show tonight” or new videos I’ve created, etc. I write short essays and articles (with pictures) all the time but I post them on my Tumblr: http://www.newsgood.tumblr.com.

    I decided to keep all of that stuff separate from my website but was I wrong? Should I be posting all of that on my website too? I agree that it would make my website more dynamic and current, in fact I’d probably have something new to post every day. But, is it okay for your Tumblr and website to be almost identical? I feel crazy. I like the name NewsGood (because it lets readers know that the stuff will be topical) but should I just change it to DerikBoik.tumblr the way your Connected Comedy Tumblr is just an offshoot of your website?

    Here’s my dilemma (and possibly the topic for your next article): I have a website, a Tumblr, Facebook (a personal profile AND a fan page), a Twitter and a YouTube channel. What stuff do I post where? Which stuff should I NOT post on what? What should be posted on multiple places and what SHOULDN’T be? Help.

  2. Josh Spector says:

    Hey Derik, this is a good (and common) question – I’m going to answer it in a full post soon so stay tuned.

  3. Thanks to this site, I already do a few of these things for my blog and they do work! I picked up a lot of neat pointers from this post and I’m looking forward to trying them out.

    Thanks for providing such a great service. My site traffic has increased 50% and continues to rise!


  4. Ben Gonzalez says:

    As always, right on the money. These are easy things to do and they get a conversation started to get people to engage with your site. I plan on repeating this plan every week once I am up and running. Thanks Josh.

  5. This is such a great, simple exercise and really shows how easy it can be to create content that people want to interact with!

  6. Swan says:

    Thanks. If by the amount of spam comments I’m getting is any indication of the increase in traffic. It’s through the roof. Keep up the fantastic pointers.

  7. Have multiple platforms, use and harness the mediastreams and think audience segment all the time you are posting. Each platform has its strengths, unique qualities. But you have to feed them, post to them daily.

  8. Alina Jose says:

    ya its good post.. and i’m gonna to do some thing from ur post.. tx.

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