4 thoughts on “7 Things To Do When You First Start Doing Comedy

  1. jeff lampton says:

    when you’re starting out, don’t take yourself so seriously. it will be years before you find your voice. open mikes aren’t the be all end all. if you bomb, so what? that’s what they are there for. in the beginning, bombing is an invaluable tool. learn from it. and always go with your heart. never do what you think others would like or what others are doing. put on the type of show that you would pay to see.

  2. Ray Mack says:

    Good stuff Josh! Other avenues outside of comedy are definitely important!

  3. Robert says:

    This is more for people pursuing comedy as a career: when you start out, don’t start in venues that are above your level. That will likely just lead to disappointment and not take you where you’d like to go. Also, prepare. It will make you look more professional and you will be likely to get the attention of people who matter.

  4. Sarah says:

    Watch someone who you find funny and enjoy watching or admire and who’s style of material works for you and take notes. (Whoopi Goldberg). Write stories and material down. Talk to people ask for stories about them see which ones you think you could use an which ones need altering also look at moments in your live. Read and listen to the news and to society.

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