13 thoughts on “10 Things Comedians Wish Somebody Told Them When They Started Comedy

  1. hinty says:

    don’t read banal advice posts.

  2. linty says:

    Try not to be a douche

  3. I wish someone would have told me there’s more to comedy than just jokes. They don’t call it show business for nothing.

  4. Ray says:

    Do not be funny. It does not matter. Go straight for the dollar bill. Do whatever it takes to get those. Do anything! Steal a joke here, or there, put it all together for a great routine! Heck, steal a whole routine! Only then will you earn money to pay a bill or two. As for anyone with potential (funny original humor and stage presence), do not quit the day job, keep on appearing on stages, anywhere, to tell your jokes and have fun with an audience.

  5. urdaddy says:

    Fuck you Ray! Steal a joke, steal a routine! Do anything? OK, bend over and take a pineapple up ur keister. Ur good at that, I can tell. Here’s my advice to you: Create your own ideas otherwise take a hike and cool down by jumping off the cliff. POS..

  6. I think Ray was being sarcastic.. at least i HOPE he was!!!

  7. Mike says:

    It’s not a union job. The person in it the longest isn’t necessarily the one who’s going to get promoted first.

    Do the act you’d like to see if you were in the audience.

    You only have one opportunity to make a first impression. Make it count.

  8. The fact that Comedians sell comedy but Comedy Clubs sell liquor.

  9. Joe Dungan says:

    Agree w/above comments about the business end of things. Also:

    Do the work that other comedians don’t want to do:
    write more
    take less-than-desirable gigs
    extend marketing/networking efforts

    As has been said, it isn’t ALL about talent.

  10. Write it clean!!! You can ALWAYS dirty it up, but you can’t always clean it up!! I had to throw away a lot of bits because they twisted a little over the line. I get SO many more opportunities to perform because i can do it clean… Am I selling out? Maybe, but there are a lot of BROKE ARTISTS out there.. i’m trying to get PAID!

  11. John charlton says:

    The clubs are not the only place to get work.

  12. That you’re a brand.

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