5 thoughts on “What Does It Really Mean To Be In The Comedy Business?

  1. Scott Wood says:

    Comedy is a business and you couldn’t have said it better. Know who you are as a performer and writer and then market your talent heavily to their full potential. Jokes, videos on the net, DVD’s, CD’s, Live shows…You name it! If the people don’t know about you nobody’s gonna show up to the event. Show Business is more than show!

  2. Susan says:

    I have been told I was funny but took my brother advise and took a class it went well I had a few people come up to me and tell me I was funny, Even Jeff Foxworthy told me be patient and things would come. I JUST WANT A CHANCE.

  3. kayode says:

    well said Josh
    “show-business is a compound word”

  4. Fred Moore says:

    The fantastic Bill Herz once said “There’s a reason that the Business part of Show Business is twice as long as the Show part. It’s twice as important!”

  5. Whether you are in service, manufacturing or are an employee you have to be good at getting good references. One of the things which constantly has me flummoxed is when comics don’t link to good reviews. I can understand not wanting to link to the bad ones but when you have a good review and a product to sell (yourself) why would you not point out that other people think you are good at what you do? Word of mouth in the social networking age is more than just getting 60 seconds of drive time on the radio in a local market. Every business needs references including show business.

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