6 thoughts on “How To Grow Your Fanbase By Spending 3 Hours A Week Creating Content

  1. Thank you, I took away a lot of good stuff from this article. Just actually started a Tumblr and have a WordPress blog going. I like the ease of Tumblr but the customization and professional look of WordPress. Still trying to figure out the voice and content for both of them but this article gave me some light-bulbs!

    Also FYI (I just found this out) If you want to use a Tumblr because it’s easy that doesn’t mean you need to have a URL with the words Tumblr in it. I haven’t done it yet but you can tie in your Tumblr with any URL you own so it looks more professional and is stickier in the mind for fans to remember.

    I also like the social aspects of Tumblr. Your Tumblr blog can follow other Tumblr blogs. I don’t think that ease of socialization is built into WP, but I’m still completely new to the blogging game so I may be wrong.

  2. Id be glad to help you theweekendpilot out. I jet my website along with a few others all on WordPress.

    I’ll be looking you up on Tumblr.

    Thanks josh for the post. Currently I’ve been using Tumblr for duration Twitter for one liners and personal thoughts and my blog for longer post etc… what do you think?

  3. Twitter is great for making you think in terms of short, punchy old school one liners. I used to write radio spots, so it is sort of a revisiting of that style, like sending funny telegrams back in the day. It’s fun to let the constraints of a sytem drive your writing process. Also Tweeting links to blogs, videos, Cityville requests, etc. What I am wondering is what the hell Tumblr even does? I have an account but I never use it because I am overwhelmed by facebook and twitter, plus blogging. Is tumblr worth the headache? It seems to be but if someone could explain it, that would be great.

  4. Josh Spector says:

    Tumblr is kind of like a cross between blog software (like WordPress or Blogger) and Twitter.

    Basically, you can use it to post videos, pics, or text just like you would on a blog and it’s very easy to post. The difference is, you can also “follow” other people’s Tumblr pages and they can follow yours (just like you would follow people on Twitter or Facebook.

    I wouldn’t consider having a Tumblr to be a necessity, but I would say it’s another opportunity. Here’s why I decided to set up a Connected Comedy Tumblr and how I use it: https://connectedcomedy.com/why-im-launching-a-connected-comedy-tumblr-and-what-it-will-be/

  5. Here you go Justin:


    I look forward to following you back.

  6. Derik Boik says:

    I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I never thought about using my WordPress tools to automatically publish a post in the future. Thank you.

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