6 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Should Curate As Much As You Create

  1. Very interesting! I actually started doing this last week as an experiment. Funny how you’d write about it this week. Going to keep doing it now that I know it’s a good thing. Thanks, Josh!

  2. Josh Spector says:

    Yeah, it can take some time to see results from it, but it almost always winds up being worth the effort.

  3. Andrew Hall says:

    This is a problem that I’m having: feeling the need to create high quality content daily. I’m going to take your advice and do more curating.

  4. Dan Weisman says:

    C.U.R.A T.E.
    This effort gets my vote! Sinerely, Dan Weisman on Maui Improv Comedy Coach

  5. Dan Weisman says:

    WOOPS! Did I say SINERELY? I meant Sincerely!

  6. willy kabayabaya(Michou) says:

    Thank you for what you did for us I begin my comedy in 1998 I m from Africa in Burundi and actually I m in Canada .I m in contact with a club Lafflines Comedy Club in Vancouver.the problem I m just learning engish I did comedy in French before.i new in Vancouver and I have some video .but with little time. I appreciate what you did for me.God bless you

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