8 thoughts on “5 Types Of Blog Posts That Get Good Traffic

  1. Brian says:

    Quality article! Thanks for the read!

  2. ornduff says:

    This is a fantastic article. I’ve been consistently impressed by the quality of content here.

  3. Josh Spector says:

    Hey guys, thanks for the compliments and thanks for reading. Let me know if there’s ever any particular topics you want me to cover on the site.

  4. Cliff Yates says:

    Heres a list why this is a great article:
    1.it’s infomative
    2.it gives answers on how to link to other sites, creating more traffic
    3.it gives you ideas on what to post
    4.it inspired me to create this list, I think i learned some stuff, I will use

  5. Andrew Hall says:

    Good post. The medium that you’re doing comedy in (Youtube, stand up, blog) really does demand certain skills. For example, I write comedy scripts, but there are a totally different set of skills to doing stand up. This post illustrates some of the rules that a blogger needs to know.

  6. evey says:

    Great article and reassuring as I’m trying to implement number 2 at the moment!
    Perhaps you could take a peek sometime!


  7. Josh Spector says:

    Nice job – true stories are almost always more interesting than fake ones.

  8. Tom Francis says:

    Seems a good opportunity to link to my new blog then….


    Mostly observational stuff. Only been going a week, doing OK(ish), but mostly been viewed by friends on Facebook!!

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