3 thoughts on “How To Grow Your Career By Spending 3 Hours A Week Working On The Business Of Comedy

  1. Cliff Yates says:

    Another great article Josh, and reminds how I have to schedule time to connect with my fanbase, and time to seek new followers. As a full time cop, I have to balance my cop by day job, with my comic by night job, which means scheduling for the business side of things. Together with writing, and performing. keep up the great work, helping comedians grow their business.

  2. Joey Zsa Zsa says:

    These words, notes, and or advice is perfect bro!! I believe that all comics jus startin out or is still local shud read this and follow its guidelines!!! Everyone thinks they can tell jokes until its time to tell jokes!!! Lol. Take care……the Zsa!!

  3. Al says:

    Good site…i hope more youth do their talent they came here with. I see TOO many kids think wrong, or not try hard enough in this field despite good talent.

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