11 thoughts on “A Statistical Look At The Differences Between Comedians Who Make Money And Those That Don’t

  1. It’s cool to get that kind of insight on what others are doing with their careers. Also success leaves clues and by seeing what successful comedian ate doing it allows you to replicate what has worked

  2. Thank you for the insights and stats! Very cool to read this breakdown.

  3. You might want to include a comic’s location with the survey. Depending upon the region there are many varying opportunities.

  4. Ruthie Glynn says:

    That is so Right On! Thank YOU!

  5. Very true. I like this. Keep them coming and thank you

  6. Good to see this! I am in my early 40’s and I am just getting started. I’ve joined an improv group in town and I am working on my writing. I am surprised at the number of aspiring comics that haven’t invested in a website. Good blog

  7. Dat gud i luv dis insight keep it coming thanks

  8. Greg Vravis says:

    I have been thinking along those lines lately. I have backed off on doing a lot of free shows and am working on the business end. I plan on re-vamping my website this week adding video and audio. I am trying to figure out something to give as an incentive to sign up for my mailing list. Keep up the good work. An idiot like me needs all the help I can get!

  9. Mark says:

    I wish you went more in depth as to the details of what successful comedians do and how they do it from their shows to the business end.

    I performed as an Escape Artist in the 1970s and 80s in everything from small shows in bars for 1,000 people to shows for 5,000 to 20,000 producing my own shows and booking myself etc so I learned a lot. Now I also see that I made a lot more money too even back then LOL:-)

    I have been in multimedia marketing since the 1970s also (radio, print, TV and now Internet so I guess I have some experience / tips I can pass on.

    A couple of yrs ago I helped out my friend with a Led Zep Tribute band. They had a website with video but in several years only had a few hundred views. I re-edited their videos, put them on YouTube and only marketed the Channel for 1 month (because it is a 20 hr a day job). We won 6 YouTube awards and hit 500,000 views total (over 20,000 for their video and growing).

    I would say that in comedy once the joke is on the web it is not what people paying want to hear again so I would say to use the web but mostly, keep new material comming nonstop. Also, post a GREAT promo video of your best stuff and tour (one joke per forum type thing showing your show and the many rooms played) from old material when you have created new material for the road. Then promote your YouTube etc channel. That is a longer conversation but very easy, fun and important. Lastly, know how to negeociate. Ticket price + extras like 2 $10 drink minimum etc X size of audiance less venue expenses will tell you how much they can afford to pay and take it from there. They can only pay what they can afford but when you know that number,,, you can ask for (and I always got) the max they can afford IF they want your show (depending on if you are a A, B, or C performer)…

    I hope that helps, passing along some tips for free to help my fellow starving artists LOL:-) MAN you people earn very little for what you do… or perhaps don’t do???

  10. Carlos Palma says:

    Thank you! Very interesting results. I’m from Lima-PerĂº. And it’s the same here, we are starting comparing to the US but the rules for biz are the same. I would include tv and radio participation on the survey, helps a lot in here.

  11. Don j white says:

    Nice one

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