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About Josh Spector

Connected Comedy was founded by Josh Spector, who has spent the last 14 years working in comedy marketing, production, and content creation with an emphasis on digital platforms.

His accomplishments include:

• Generated more than 100 million video views online for content he has produced and/or marketed

• As Senior Vice President of Content and Marketing for Comedy.com, grew the site’s traffic to more than 3 million visitors a month.

• Produced, booked, and marketed national branded standup comedy tours including the High Times Comedy Festival and the Vivid Comedy Party

• Launched and wrote the popular Whip It Out Comedy blog, which was eventually acquired by Comedy.com

• Consulted with Warner Bros. Television on launch strategy for TheWB.com.

• Developed, produced, and sold web video series to Warner Bros. Television, Freemantle Media, and Comedy.com among others.

• Consulted with New Line Cinema on marketing strategy for hit comedy films including Wedding Crashers, Sex and the City, and Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, among others.

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  1. Jeff Scott says:

    I am a regular reader of the site and listener to the podcasts. I have tried to join the Connected Conedians closed group a few tines on Facebook. I hit the “join group” button and in a few days it reverts from request pending back to the join group button again. I have not had any problems joining other groups. Is there a criteria for joining this clised group. I have gotten an enormous amount out of your website and podcast and would like to be a part of this group as well. Thanks.

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