15 thoughts on “You Have To Be A Leader If You Want To Get More Followers

  1. Jim Barger says:

    You are so full of inspiration and knowledge! Thank you again for another enlightening post! I know where I want to lead my fans. I now just need to do some inventory and then prioritize and then finally act. Its not a matter of ‘if’ it will happen but ‘when’, now. Do you suggest one site over another? Such as Tumblr over WordPress? I already have a lot of content on wordpress, do I just repost on new sites exactly or start anew?

  2. Josh Spector says:

    In general, WordPress is more powerful and flexible but Tumblr is easier to use and a little more viral. Both are fine, but it kind of depends on what you plan on posting and which you prefer.

    If you’re going to post a lot of quick stuff, than Tumblr might be a better fit. If you’re going to post longer blog posts then maybe WordPress.

    Personally, I use WordPress for this site, but then also set up a Tumblr page (http://connectedcomedy.tumblr.com) to share other quick things I find interesting and to be a part of that community. I’ve found that’s worked well for me, but isn’t necessarily needed for everybody.

    Also, you should be able to import all your existing content into your new blog automatically if you decide to move to a new blog software.

  3. Andrew Hall says:

    Be who you are. I’m an atheist, and I do the funny.

    It’s like watching Ultimate Fighting. The best fighters are the guys who give 100% in the octogon. that’s what I do when I write.

  4. Eric Johnson says:


    This has been one of the BEST articles that you’ve ever written, just because it speaks a truth in life.

    Not only do I do comedy, but I’m also a youth pastor. This concept of leader/follower is something that I try to instill in my kids in our youth group. I encourage all of them to be leaders instead of followers, to give there best in all that they do, and not to do something just because everyone else is.

    Trend setters are NEVER followers. They’re leaders. They’re unafraid to stand out. They do not fear being unpopular, and more often than not their willingness to be unpopular makes them popular just because they do things in ways that no one else is doing.

    This article is not just another article on tips to make your comedy career better, but this article is a life lessons that communicates a truth: You’re either a leader or you’re a follower.

  5. Josh Spector says:

    Hey Eric, thanks so much for the VERY kind words. Glad you liked it.

  6. Great post from the heart Josh! Very inspiring 🙂

    My band and I have talked a lot about leading our fans to the shared comedic universe we’ve created together. It’s cool to read that this is such a powerful concept.

    Thanks again.

  7. I’m with Eric. Great life stuff as well as our biz. You’re turning me into a Spector Fan!
    Lead on!

  8. Marc Yaffee says:

    Thanks Josh. Certainly good stuff to ponder. You drive home the point that we need to give people a reason to want to follow us. Keep the good input flowing.

  9. Jane Pinkham says:

    I love reading your comments. They are very informative and interesting! I am relatively new and doing things on my own, but have taken much of your advise thus far. Thanks for leading until I have more of a leg to stand on!

  10. Great article, It confirm my thoughts totally!!

  11. buddy love says:

    Great post brought up some things that was sitting inside me, getting ready to lead big time thanks!

  12. Josh:

    After encountering a number of people in the position of leading people – who don’t really lead….(are you following me? Ha!) – I have been investigating the concept of ‘leadership’ more and more. I am a big believer in having a misson or goal greater than yourself…. I am so appreciative of how you covered this topic and thank you for your perspective.

  13. Jaque says:

    Thanks Josh,
    I am just getting started I mean just getting started as in just starting to write jokes. I feel like a checkerboard I have about myself, and jokes on TV shows I have watched. This post really hit home you have made it very clear the kind of comedic artist I want to be. I am still in the writing phase, and rewriting phase.

  14. Derek B. says:

    Hey Josh , Derek here from the wonderfully misunderstood and misjudged IIregland . I`v always been a firm believer in the concept of why be a sheep when you can be a shepherd . I more often than not try to get that into the spongy heads of the group of kids in the Youth Club we facilitate each week which is a mental fantastic lovable challenging but totally rewarding couple of hours that can also provide a writer with so much material , not meaning writing about the kids but by spending time with them and remembering what you used to get up to when you were that age and thinking , I cant promote the kind of things I used to do to children but it`s totally fine for me to remind adults about how mental they were as children growing up . With me and also others my age I know I was once at that spongy head preteen phase but until you chat to a preteen you forget the mind set you had at the time . I think a good quality for a good shepherd to have is to be able to lead and also equally read his flock , and maybe that’s where the feed back from social medias kick in . Anyhoo Josh I may get my head back into the office mind set before I lose interest in my job hua hua hua

  15. Derek B. says:

    I just read my last post and on line 7 I made myself sound like a predator , thanks typo , I cant promote my kind of behavior as a child to other children is what it should have read so tell the feds to call off operation clean sweep 😉

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