10 thoughts on “Why You Need To Develop A Video Strategy NOW If You’re A Comedian

  1. Trevor says:

    Here’s something I’d like to hear others’ opinions on.

    So I’m totally on board with creating youtube content. Having a background in screenwriting, comedy sketches are something I feel I can do very well and potentially give me an edge on other comics as far as online content. I’ve recently purchased a decent camera for doing so etc etc.

    Problem is I’d obviously be collaborating with others to do these sorts of sketches and so forth so it would seem unfair to throw these all on my personal channel. At the same time, I’d also like to post videos of my stand up, which would obviously go on my own channel.

    Ideally, however, I would like my potential fans to be able to find everything in one place. It seems like it would be far more difficult to get people to subscribe to multiple channels. I suppose you could play the “my camera, my channel” card, but that would be rather dickish and not something I’d want to do. Maybe just use my personal channel to “favorite” the videos on the sketch channel. Do you see this as a problem or am I making too much of it?

  2. Josh Spector says:

    I don’t really see it as a problem and there’s not necessarily a right or wrong way to do it. Here’s a couple things to think about…

    If you’re asking people to be in your videos and they know up front that they’re going to live on your channel, they shouldn’t have any problem with it.

    Also, if you want to have your sketch stuff on a separate channel for some reason, there’s nothing wrong with that either – it’s actually very common for bigger YouTube stars to launch secondary channels at some point to feature a different kind of content they’re creating.

    Another thing you can do is host all the videos on your channel, but create separate playlists for the different types of videos – so you’d have a standup playlist, a sketch playlist, etc.

  3. jesse says:

    the trick is to have your own personal website and use youtube to host your videos.

    to create the ‘all in one’ experience for your fans, let them go to http://www.trevor.com where you embed the youtube videos for your standup in one section, then the youtube videos for your collaborations on another page, youtube videos from your professional work (like if you land a spot on a show) on another section.

  4. Here are some secrets to getting hits on YouTube.

    I’m relaunching my youtube channel next year. Had to rebuild and regroup when I realized it’s pretty much my own personal Comedy Central.

    YouTube Channel Steps to Success

    1. Optimize Tags- What are the words people will use to find our comedy? Sample them in YouTube search and see what comes up. Then use those words.
    2. Description: Add link First! Then use a LONG description like a blog post. Add keywords underneath. (If you have gmail, use google url shortener goo.gl.com)
    3. Annotation Links- daisy Chain all your videos! Make sure there are places to click for more videos. Try a subscribe now link.
    4. Reply to all comments- This keeps people involved. Don’t be negative.
    5. Leave tons of comments- People find you this way.
    6. Add everyone as friends. They notice and may subscribe.
    7. Answer all subscriber questions. They are our life blood. Respect/love them.
    8. Collaborate- Both collaborators put up the video and then link to the other’s channel. Works well with people w large followings.
    9. Multi-channel – Make sure the other outlets are pointing to the channel– Facebook, website, Twitter all funnel in traffic.
    10. New Content – must add new stuff regularly. This is gonna be tough.

    Power to the people! HA!

  5. Josh Spector says:

    Hey Matt, thanks for the great comment – lots of good suggestions there and I agree completely.

  6. This was great !,, This is the future and the time is now. This is where everybodys eyes are at, and this is where we need to be. You have me inspired to get some great video content out there. Looking forward to the next article on this subject. As a cop and a comedian, I have been shooting myself on the job and also doing comedy, I have to really be careful about my content, and what I might get in trouble for regarding my on duty videos, which I don’t get permission for, I have to totally go rogue, because I know they wouldnt be approved. for an upcoming video, I have ordered my own uniform with customized shirts,patches and badges, to avoid a trip to internal affairs. Your article has inspired some ideas for future videos.

  7. Jerry says:

    This article is the truth cause making online videos has gotten me on a morning radio show as a repeat guest.

  8. Trevor –

    I’d second what Josh has pointed out. If you’re up front about what the video IS, and up front about where it will appear, people will want to take advantage of the exposure you’re giving them. My wife and I have been doing this for a little while, with a great deal of support from friends.

    The YouTube channel is analogous to a TV show. If that videos are all under the umbrella of “Trevor and Friends” or whatever you call your show, its no different than when a celebrity hosts or does a cameo on SNL.

  9. Mick Diflo says:

    Not sure if you have any experience with someone who’s in SAG – I’ve done some skits, etc. & the producers have had to fill out some papers, etc. to have me ok’d by SAG to be on a web-series. Would this be the same situation? Thanks…………..Mick

  10. Leo Flowers says:

    Hey Josh,

    I’m 6’1 1/2, Black, former college athlete and one of the few comedians with six-pack abs. i frequently after shows have people asking me about my diet and workout routine. I was thinking about posting workout videos on my youtube channel. Then writing a workout book and creating a protein powder to sell as part of my merch. I really just want to know what you think about me adding workout videos to my youtube channel? Would that be a conflict or should i just create an entirely new channel?

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