2 thoughts on “HOW TO: Develop Your Own Comedy Video Strategy

  1. Great Josh, I’m a cop, who is transitioning from full time police work, to full time comedian in the next eighteen months. I really need to pick a lane as to my direction. Corporate comedy gigs, club work, producing my own shows. I really need to focus and target my audience, and be clear on my point of view, my persona, which is still not crystal clear to me, which is frustrating, must being the cop who is also a comedian is not enough. Ahhh. I need to figure this out, now. Thanks for all you do for comedy, and comedians!

  2. Ben Gonzalez says:

    Thanks again Josh, this is the kick in the pants I needed to start producing new content. I hadn’t considered the “Network’ approach that you laid out. That might be interesting to work with some other comedians.

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