One thought on “The State Of The Comedy Union: January 2011

  1. Kevin,

    I love all your movies and I love how you represent the Dirty Jerz for what it really is instead of that Jersey Shore guido crap that makes me embarrassed to be white and from Jersey. I think you’re motivating a lot of people to take control of their own careers instead of waiting for the industry. You have motivated me to start the South Jersey Comedy Club because I saw how successful and great your seemingly low budget movies like “Clerks” can be and I want to do similar things by working with what I have. I love your blog.

    I’m currently in the process of planning the South Jersey/Philadelphia region’s first “Comedy Con” for Jan. 7-8 in Mount Laurel, but so many haters and bullying are affecting progress. We still have a year to plan this and if it’s something you would like to help promote I would love your help because you represent the best comedy in New Jersey and the idea of Comedy Con is to help comedians network while meeting people from the Dirty Jerz who have made it.

    I wish you luck in getting movies made your way and I love the way you told the industry to piss off. Keep doing it your way. You inspired me.


    Michelle Teel
    Founder of South Jersey Comedy Club

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