14 thoughts on “The 5 Comedians Most Likely To Become The Louis CK Of 2012

  1. Andrew Hall says:

    I love CK’s TV show. I hope he has a project that will make it on the big screen.

  2. Casey says:

    I think Louis C.K. is going to handle the duty of being 2012’s Louis C.K. quite well without extra help. Who is going to break in 2012? Burr would be awesome. I would also like to see Dave Attell make a resurgence – Dave’s Old Porn is a hilarious show and he’s been working on a new album/special for a while now and even though he’s a bit more underground, he has the same insane work ethic that Louis does.

  3. Kyle says:

    not on your list, but I think Chris Titus’ act is as good as louie ck

  4. Hawa says:

    Bill Burr is long overdue to be a household name. Anyone have thoughts on why it’s taken so long?

    I think the fact that Louis CK has had several tv shows and Burr has not may make a difference – too many people just haven’t heard of him. New Media is essential of course, but mainstream media is still important.

  5. William says:

    I know this is an old post, but look at Aziz Ansari. He started with The Human Giant which had a few seasons on MTV. He now stars in Parks & Recreation and has a brand new stand up special for 5$ online at his website (www.azizisbored.com). Not to mention he had already released a previous special a few years prior.

  6. William says:

    also some of his tweets are interesting and I know lots of my friends follow him not because they think he’s hilarious but they say “aziz post some cool shit”

  7. Jay Katz says:

    I personally think Judah Friedlander. The guy has been doing amazing stand up for years as ” the world champion”. He is on 30 rock for 7 years has done countless movies . had a book called how to beat up anybody a few years ago and has a comedy album and movie coming out! I’m waiting for him to get his own TV show!

  8. Hands Down Bill Burr !!! He’s The real Deal, and he’ll tell you that too !!! Hands Down Bill Burr by a Knockout !!!

  9. tony hinkson says:

    You should be looking. At guy call dangerous t

  10. mcdoogle says:

    For one, Dane Cook is already enormous, he’s just not a good comedian. His material is unoriginal, his rabbit-trail storytelling contains no real jokes or intelligent twists, and he pretends to be part of a college-aged crowd despite being a 40 year old man.

    Bill Burr is by far the funniest guy on the list. He doesn’t rely on shock value or a goofy voice to incite laughter. He calls out the sexist disparity in this country that absurdly crushes men (white men in particular), which everyone knows but no one talks about. He gets sports, he gets politics, but pretends he doesn’t, and his observations are very common-man. His angry character just makes it funnier.

    Listen to Bill Burr’s podcast just two or three times and the thoughts in your head will begin to sound like his voice.

  11. Eric says:

    It’s not as simple as him simply saying “White Men are Persecuted.” He can say this because he has a good Black fanbase, his best friend is Patrice O’Neal, and he is married to a Black woman, and sees all perspectives and can be rather fair. He kills in Black rooms and White rooms, as evidenced by this clip:


    It’s a shame that people like you and some of CK/Jeselnik’s fans completely misread what they are appealing to. It’s why now on open mic mights there’s a slew of very unfunny misogyny/racism/rape ‘jokes’ by ‘comedians’ who know the rhythm but not the words.

    And just so you know, Bill Burr came up with and respects Dane Cook. Burr said once on Nerdist that all the old comics lodged the same complaints about Cook you did, but Cook was killing and coming up through the ranks and the old guys let their own negativity swallow them.

  12. beronica says:

    Maybe Burr’s career suffers from his and Louie’s similarities. Both Boston redheads that give a smarty mants/working class act. Louie’s is more smarty pants and Burr’s more blue-collar. He’s a bro and Louie’s a dad… and he’s the philosopher-king.
    Also for the record Burr was a bit player on Chapelle’s Show and Breaking Bad. Kind of two biggies.

  13. beronica says:

    *smarty pants

  14. Myself says:

    I can’t believe Chris Hardwick is even on the list! I mean really, is he even a comedian? He does a pretty good job on The Talking Dead, but apart from that he’s not that great. Louis CK will never be replaced – he is so unique and one-of-a-kind that even the runner-up to him would be terrible in a side-by-side comparison. Louie FTW!

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