4 thoughts on “Manager/Producer Rachel Miller Explains How You Can Build A Comedy Writing Career

  1. Ashley G Williams says:

    Thanks for doing these great interviews. The recurring theme seems to be work, work, work. The trick seems to be that you have to believe in yourself enough to do the hard work even though the payoff is years away. I love comedy and I love writing, but I’m not terribly keen on starving. Is there a way to do this nights and weekends without becoming a complete zombie? Or—and I know this is crazy talk—is there a way to do this full-time and make enough money just to survive until everything comes together?
    PS – Living in the DC area with $1700 rent and $1500 child support, so “enough just to survive” is already over $3000 a month.

  2. Roister says:

    Josh — These interviews are fantastic. Keep ’em coming. They’ve got a conversational tone that you don’t often find in Q&A interviews.

  3. The Blue NuN says:

    Thanks, for the great information. I agree about three things I’ve learned in my Comic journey.
    1. Keep it simple stupdit is what my mom always said- or you’ll lose them!
    2. Stealing material is allot harder than you’ beleive, because it’s all in you delivery! Which no one will ever will ever sound like your stlye/ your voice of delvery style.
    3. Never give up & never stop writing!

  4. Kris Atkins says:

    First of all, I enjoyed this interview as I have all of these very insightful interviews. They are extremely helpful. I personally appreciate the time and effort you as an interviewer and those being interviewed take out to provide this assistance to people like myself.
    I would like to know how would someone go about submitting work to an agency of this sort for consideration? Thanks, and I look forward to your reply

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