16 thoughts on “A Connected Comedy Interview With Manager And Producer Reg Tigerman

  1. Cliff Yates says:

    Great article and interview. Thes types of interviews that take us inside the mind of the most successful people in the business are invaluable. Great Josh, keepem coming. Thanks for all you do to help comedians and the business of comedy.

  2. Thanks for continuing to bring the heat, Josh! And thanks for sharing your experience, Reg!

  3. Great questions, Josh…great answers, Reg!

    I’ve been in the game for a while, and have some good friends that are managed by big agencies. The world of management is still a bit shadowy for me, and I never ask my friends with representation for any answers…it’s very frowned upon. It’s really nice to hear direct responses from a manager!

    I’ve heard the adage that “management finds you”. I believe that to be true, but there has to also be a proactive way to up the odds for that event to happen. Reg, in your experience…how can a comedian outside of LA/NYC put himself in good position to be “found” without being annoying or desperate? What has worked on you?

    I thank you in advance, and really appreciate your time already spent on this subject.

  4. Reg says:

    Your very welcome Sam!

    Tom – I hope I could shine some light on the shadowy world of talent management. There are a few things a comedian outside of LA or NYC can do to get “noticed.” It’s not impossible, as I’ve seen it done before. As you do stand-up outside of LA or NYC, be friendly to the club managers you work for and other comedians that pass through. You never know when one of them may recommend you to an agent or manager they’re talking to. Don’t hound them, but keep in mind that they could be a path to representation. Second, have a solid presence online: a website with recent videos, tour dates, photos, and contact info. This will help whenever a manager or agent needs to learn about you or share their new find with their colleagues. And remember, even if you don’t have management, there are some online outlets and festivals that you can submit yourself to in order to get your name out there.

  5. Thanks, Reg…those are all things I’m working hard to do every day. I just need to streamline and tweak the aesthetics of my online presence a bit. In the interest of full disclosure, I opened 2 sold-out shows for Jeff Dunham at the Hu Ke Lau in Chicopee, MA back around 2006. He was very nice to me, and the opportunity to work in front of around 1200 people total in one night was a big step forward in a young comedian’s career…one I never forgot!

    Thanks again for the insight. It never hurts to hear you’re doing something right!

  6. Joey Zsa Zsa says:

    Thanx for takin the time for the interview!! I felt as if I was the 1 doin the interview!! Im from Cleveland OH and its very hard to advance here!! I’ve done a few other states, but I feel that Im ready for at least the next level up (i understand its alot of levels) and sumtimes I begin to feel that no doors are gonna open!!! But this interview gives me hope, so I will keep writing and I will keep performing until sumthing does open!! thanx Josh and Reg!!……………..the Zsa!!

  7. Lesley Rosario says:

    Josh & Reg ,you guys are grrrrrrt,insightful and priceless,as a born-again-comedian,,I love what you guys doing for comedian,,u care!,,,keep up the awsome work,besos!

  8. Anita says:

    These articles are always so helpful. thank God that I have found GET CONNECTED.

  9. Ruthie Glynn says:

    Another Awesome Bit from Josh!

  10. Awesome interview. Thanks Josh.

  11. Great interview! Another way to get exposure is through morning radio shows if you can get your bits or songs on them. The DJ’s have the ability to give your bookings a big boost if you have good material or a character to market. I went the path of NYC first & now L.A. Definitely good advice! Thanks for some great insight into this BUSINESS.

    Suicide Jimmy

  12. Gerald Hilton says:

    Ilive in the Netherlands, and more importantly, 1 hour from Amsterdam. After performing there in the club scene a few times, I discovered that the audience there is one of the toughest. One Bush joke, and they look at you in either confusion, or fear. It’s kind of like Regina (I kknow, it rhymes with a happy place) in Canada.

    My question is this. Who do I send a tape or Cd to that is open to internationals?

    And also what is the best length for a video on Youtube?

  13. Great article. Very insightful.

  14. Debbie S. says:

    Reg, I am praying you can guide me. I have a 14 year old who needs an adult audience. We have had people tell us for the past 3 years that this kid is absolutley histerical. I posted a short video of his work and people lost thier minds. I started a website and he got 1000 hits in 2 days with none of his videos on it yet. I am in the process of copyriting his character and act(s) but in the interim, do NOT know where to go with a kid who makes adults keel over laughing. HELP!

  15. KENNY S. says:

    Reg sounds like a super nice guy to have as a friend and advisor. Great interview Josh.
    I’ve been performing stand-up comedy since 2004. From day 1, I keep my act clean and no blue humor and that seems to open a lot of doors for me. I mail out a dvd (6-7 minutes of my act),a photo and resume to different clubs in Florida & Georgia and that has led to invites and stage time. I write everyday for 20-30 minutes and I keep comedy journals with my ideas and thoughts.I also invested in promo material …shirts,flyers,good swag that I pass out free at my shows. I am working on a Facebook page now. I opened for several big names at the Tampa Improv (Jeff Dunham,Bruce Bruce,Michael Winslow,Gary Gulman,Ralphie May..etc) and I have closed for Larry the Cable Guy in Orlando’s Improv. This has worked for me so far but now I feel I need a manager. I am at a loss as to what to do now to further my goals and get more exposure.
    Does anyone have advice on how to make an educated choice of hiring a manager ? I am open to any suggestions and thank you in advance for your time.

  16. My name is Craig Lightfoot and I am a comedy promoter/manager and I am forever learning the business and meeting people who can expand on the knowledge that they can give to others as a lesson. Great story.

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