7 thoughts on “How To Stand Out In A Crowd Of 10,000 Comedians

  1. Well great now that you told 10,000 people how to stand out of 10,000 people I have to go figure something else out.

  2. David Erik Finn says:

    Like the lesson I learned from The Incredibles: “When everyone’s super, no one is!”
    But, not everyone will be; not everyone will read the information, and of those that do, not everyone will act upon it.

  3. Derik Boik says:

    Thank you so much, Josh.

    I posted a formal Thank You Letter on my website with links back to you: http://www.derikboik.com/2011/09/01/thank-you-connected-comedy/

    But let me also say here that the information you continue to provide has proven invaluable. Every time I read a new post, I say out loud, “Damn it! Why aren’t I doing that yet?!?” And I am immensely indebted to you (in a non-legally-binding way).

    Keep up the good work,
    Derik Boik

    Follow @derikboik on Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/derikboik
    (Posting your Twitter handle in a comment… just ONE of your many great ideas.)

  4. Jamie Ward says:

    I definitely appreciate the plug and kind words. I have had a lot of fun following this site/community. It inspires a lot of new ideas and I really enjoy trying to find creative ways to utilize the different tips and techniques.

    Keep up the good work, and I’ll keep spreading the word.


  5. E says:

    activity on the fb page seems great for you, because your audience is other comedians. But for comedians, that time be better invested somewhere else, or even a different fb page to cultivate and interact with our own developing fan base.

  6. doug shear says:

    Notice ME!!!!! ME!!!! ME!!!!! ME!!!!

    Hey, the information was slightly useful – thanks. See you in comedyville.

  7. Mona Lott says:

    What are you kidding me? You mean to stand out I have to make my presence known? LOL. Good advice that we need to be reminded of plenty. For some reason I thought just spinning my wheels posting on MY FB page was good enough. You’d think a 300lb man wearing a dress would be enough to stand out, but it’s not. I love reading your articles, I learn so much and I just hope no one else sees them so I can have the upper edge! PLEASE keep putting out all the great articles and advice! Even after spending the last thirty years performing there is always something I can learn or be reminded of!! Especially since marketing has changed so much with all this new technology. Figuring out how to use it to my best advantage is not easy, but you seem to have a great deal of knowledge over it and I totally appreciate your sharing!!

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