7 thoughts on “How To Promote Your Comedy Show In 5 Simple Steps

  1. Mark New says:

    Very nice, my friend. Mark

  2. Andy says:

    How do you think comics should go about promotions during a show? Mention it right after their set? Wait until after the show and mingle? Pass out business cards?

  3. Chris Romero says:

    Give out comment cards. Perhaps give them a drink ticket for their returned card usable for the next show.

  4. nurny says:

    its a great work, but give more…

  5. Germaine says:

    I’ve ended sets with something like ‘thanks for your time, if you liked my comedy you can subscribe to me at Facebook.com/motherfunner.

    I’ve picked up many fans this way and have seen some come to repeated shows in my area.

  6. This article is weak. It speaks in generalities and gives no real specifics on how to implement each one of the topics above. I wish there were an article with more specifics or even a short case study.

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