3 thoughts on “5 Things You Can Learn From The Success Of Chris Hardwick And Nerdist

  1. I got a chance to check out the interview. It’s good stuff.

  2. Angie says:

    I stumbled through your article on 25 Things Most Stand-Ups do via Reddit.com and fell into a worm hole of brilliant, succinct, and unusually HELPFUL guidance on building your career and marketing yourself. I hungrily feasted on post after post, each well written, simple to digest, and with incredibly useful information. I may have even had a tiny initial urge to get a tattoo reading “What People Like And What They Share Are Two Different Things”. I have been awkwardly brainstorming and planning to launch a podcast, and promotion and marketing have been my biggest stumbling block. Your content is now my fiercest weapon in the battle to make myself known to people who might actually give a shit. I read a lot of random internets (did I mention I found this on reddit) and I rarely find such useful, efficient, writing, and yet your tone is not preachy or patronizing. You should know that this is a rare and valuable resource. THANK YOU.

  3. Josh Spector says:

    Hey Angie, thanks for reading (and all the compliments!). I’m a huge fan of Reddit too by the way…

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