4 thoughts on “5 Things You Can Learn From Public Enemy

  1. Phil Johnson says:

    These are great tips from an act that has lasted a long long time. Particularly the part about “not being above the audience”. Last time I saw PE live they didn’t even leave the stage at the end of the show. They walked to the foot of the stage and started shaking hands and signing autographs. Brilliant.

    People expect artists to be accessible now. And of course, a lot of comedians are very shy and have trouble talking to people one-on-one. But I’ve found that going out and meeting the audience before the show makes them more friendly to me during the show.

    All the other comments are spot on too. But I’ll shut up so my comment isn’t a mile long. 🙂

  2. Josh Spector says:

    That’s cool re: them not going off stage at the end of the show. The band Ozomatli always ends their shows by walking off the front of the stage and playing their encore in the crowd as if it’s a street party.

    It’s one of the best experiences I’ve had at a concert and just realized it fits right in with what I’m talking about here…

  3. Good article, you make a lot of great points.

    Also in response to your comment about Ozomatli, when I saw the band Peelander-Z perform they brought all their instruments into the middle of the crowed and started playing their last couple songs

  4. Awesome piece! Great observations.

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