36 thoughts on “25 Things Most Comedians Do (And One Question For You To Think About)

  1. Hershy Petty says:

    Thank you for this list…. its more a do’s and dont’s list and it gave me a lot to think about. Im brand new to the comedy world and I love the perspective that your list was able to give me… THANK YOU!!

  2. 26. Most comics blame the crowd.
    I’ve noticed a couple of times that you’ve differentiated between a standup and a comedian; what do you see as the difference?

  3. Eric says:

    Yeah, I hate when comics blame the crowd. “Oh, I guess you didn’t get that one.” – no I got it..it wasn’t funny.

    If you’re there to entertain them and they aren’t entertained it’s never the audience’s fault, you aren’t good enough to adjust to a specific crowd.

    I don’t mean you, haha, I mean in general. I never blame the crowd! It’s dumb.

  4. Jamie Ward says:

    There are many lines I hate in comedy: “How you all doing” “So who’s _____” but you sir hit the nail on the head.

    my #1 most hated line in stand-up comedy:
    “i guess you didn’t get that one” or it’s many variants.

    When I hear that it often makes me laugh. But not for the reason intended.


  6. Jamie Ward says:

    27. Most spend a disproportionate time talking to listening. When you hear silence, hear it. When you hear laughter, hear it. We tell jokes to get reactions. Savor those reactions. It’s pretty much all you’ll walk away with 99% of the time.

    Likewise, listen to what the other comedians in your area are doing. I’m not saying you have to listen to every comic every show, but your edgy and original material from last month might be the same bit everyone has caught up to doing this month.

  7. FLOW says:

    I wish you had added:
    Most comedians don’t understand the importance of being able to do a funny, but clean set. And most comedians don’t understand that they don’t get booked/paid because they’re not funny..

  8. Most comedians think they need a manager or agent when publicity is what they need.

  9. James Murr says:

    Most comedians think there is room for only them and the way to get to the top is by stepping on others

  10. Definitely James. I have met a few helpful comedians but I have met plenty who hated you just because they saw you as competition. We need more camaraderie

  11. Great List! As always, Josh, you hit it on the head!

    If asked, I would add that most comedians are afraid to help their fellow comedians develop out of fear of getting left behind.

    Keep up the good work!

  12. JP says:

    Laughing is natures way of overcoming reality… when the guy next to you at the bowling ally drops the ball on his foot, you laugh to overcome the reality of it!

  13. Ozell Daniel says:

    This the most accurate and honest post about comedy I’ve seen.

  14. LOL at #17. This list is right on!

  15. Ryan Cole says:

    Most comedians are relying on one of their friends to make it big, then hope that friend opens the door for them. #beAtrailBlazer.

  16. Irwin Loring says:

    Most comics are manic depressed people

  17. Most comedians join the clique of other comedians who might get them where they belong and push a small group of friends. Kinda like the Sharks and the Jets…

  18. D. Russo says:

    Your success does not come at the EXPENSE of others. You would think that if ANYone would have that mindset, it would be me….coming from playing football for the last decade. It’s *not* the case nor has it ever been.

    Furthermore, although there is no room in my heart for petty “hating” of others (for lack of a better term), if you are a Headliner (on any level) who is “hating” on a lower-level comedian…..that’s a pretty good indicator that you have reached your comedic ceiling.
    Sorry for rambling…

  19. Max Worthington says:

    Most comedians expect to be discovered with one phone call that they wont make.

  20. KC says:

    Most comedians (like you all here) spend more time reading crap like this instead of just going out there and doing it. GET ON THE STAGE AND LEARN AS YOU GO!

  21. Dan McGowan says:

    while I would not call this “crap,” I do agree with Yoda’s philosophy: “There is only ‘do.’ “

  22. John z says:

    I agree with following comment. But he needs to tone it down a bit. I see what you mean though. I would like to say as well too, something you probably hear a lot more than all the following “there’s no set rules for comics” get out there and just have fun my comedic brothers.

  23. David Gamble says:

    Most comedians will give you their 2 cents when replying to something that was fine the way it was.

  24. Bernardo BMF Rodriguez says:

    In the past and possibly the present. I’ve noticed most comic’s are haters the exception to that is that one guy that tells it like it is and you hear directly from him not hearsay from another source. Also as a comic’s stand point you physically want to beat the crap out of those talking smack. But obviously you can’t because if not they turn into little girls and want to call the police for doing yourself and maybe other comics a service. So how ya like me now ?

  25. Mark says:

    As the audiance,,, I have seen too many who do the same act as is on the web. I check the web to get a feel for them but I paid to see something new. Keep the new stuff comming… not the same act for years…

  26. Steophone Terrell says:

    I glad to hear that

  27. Robert says:

    Most comedians are too quick to write off venues

  28. Robert says:

    Most comedians will study other comics’ performances but not study other comics’ careers, which is a good way to learn about what you’re in for.

  29. MedicalMary says:

    Thank you for the insight… Getting to work!

  30. Love it! Nice kick in the ass I need.

  31. Jaque says:

    Very insightful and helpful now if I can just stop freaking myself out and stop shaking as if I am on stage. I will critique my own work again, and again, and again…. is there such a thing as over magnifying ones own work?

  32. Charmayne says:

    Great site! Love the insights. I haven’t done comedy for a couple of years but want to get back to it. It seems to call me. I just started back teaching and it takes up a lot of my time but I sure miss the stage. Thank you all for your comments.

  33. Karen says:

    I printed off the list and all the comments. I’m going to make myself concentrate on each point and see where I’m missing the mark, where I can improve, and what I’m doing right so far. Thanks everyone.

  34. Al Fike says:

    Most comedians are TERRIBLE at writing THANK YOU notes! They forget who paid them for the gig.

  35. Rik Roberts says:

    Great observations. I think today’s comics are a little more aware of these points – but many still need to address them. There is no excuse for not taking ownership of your act, career, marketing, and promotion. No one else will step forward to help until they see you are as interested in being as successful as you can be on your own first. Thanks Josh.

  36. John says:

    26. Most comedians think that they have all the answers so they make snarky internet posts to show that they are way better than every other comedian.

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