3 thoughts on “Why Comics Need To Beware Of The Bubble

  1. anita milner says:

    Very perceptive!!!

  2. LaTice says:

    This was a great article and so true! Thank you. 🙂

  3. Mark Miller says:

    Oh my Gosh!! The Venue Bubble…

    I know of so many comics that sit in their comfy venues with their curated crowds and they never venture out to other venues. I’ve been saying for a while that anyone can get on stage and do weird stuff for their friends, and of course you’ll kill, but if you really want to call yourself a comedian you’ll take that act to a place where NO ONE knows you and you’ll also kill… or you’ll die a horrible stage death and scoop yourself up to try it again… at another venue where you’re un-known.

    If you wanna stick to your comfy venue that’s fine, but you’re not a comic, you’re a performance artist, which is also cool, but don’t try to enter your pumpkin pie in the chocolate cake contest, cause it’s not the same thing….

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