4 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned In My First Three Months On Tumblr

  1. Odinaka says:

    Dude, I just logged off Tumblr a few mins ago cuz I found myself in an endless scroll session–Went to check my email and here you come tempting me to log back on. All good, you’ve been followed. I can make that sacrifice for ya. Love the blog, homie

  2. Odinaka says:

    Glad to see your Tumblr experiment’s working, man. I’ve been on Tumblr since late ’08 and you’ve already got just about as many followers as I do, lol.

    I started incorporating one of your content tips about mid-May by spending an hour a week to post every day using Tumblr’s queue. Was surprised and happy to see how it’s increased my traffic on Analytics, not to mention that I’ve gained at least one new follower every week since then. It’s a slow grind but the results are def there. Kinda cool and very simple to incorporate. Still gotta start the mailing list though.

  3. Brian says:

    My problem with Tumblr is I have a very hard time figuring out who actually created what content, and while it doesn’t take away from the content itself, it makes it really hard to know who else I might like to follow at a glance.

  4. Josh Spector says:

    Yeah, I agree that they don’t do the best job of clarifying where a post originated. Though I’ve found it helpful to search tags of interest and then you can see people who are posting about the subjects you care about and find people to follow that way.

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