3 thoughts on “The Story Of Blerds (and Comedy Central’s “Mash Up” Special)

  1. Andrew Hall says:

    When I have done open mics I have brought a friend, and I’m not going to do that unless that friend laughs out loud at my material. It’s more important (from what I’ve seen) to hang with the other comics and build relationships.

  2. Paddy Houlihan says:

    Great piece! Pat Brice was my favorite of the group although Kyle kinane and TJ are funny as hell too. I first discovered Blerds because a friend outside of comedy asked if I knew Pat. Apparently we ran in the same circles of friends. I didn’t know him, but googled him and BOOM I discoverd Blerds and his comedy. I never did get to see Pat perform live because of his tragic untimely passing, but Blerds would not have been nearly as good without him. God Speed Pat Brice.

  3. Josh Spector says:

    Yeah, unfortunately I didn’t get enough time to know Pat as well as the other guys, but whenever I did see him he was always a great guy. There’s no doubt in mind he would have had a HUGE career.

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