8 thoughts on “The Best Time To Tweet (And More Secrets To Social Media Timing)

  1. Derik Boik says:

    TweetWhen.com told me that my personal best tweeting time was at 8am on a Friday. But I don’t believe it. I don’t think I ever tweet that early… 9am maybe. So what’s the deal?

  2. Josh Spector says:

    Weird. Did you take into account the time difference? I think their times are based on EST.

  3. Elson says:

    Ironically, if everyone Tweeted at the ideal time, they’ll also get the “Twitter is over capacity” notice…

  4. Joy says:

    I can say AM is always best for YouTube uploads. Considering East coast when posting content is definitely important.

    Since more tweets per day = more followers, I recommend timed tweets to people who cannot be online all day creating new posts. Take time to write some tweets out to appear during the following day/week. But don’t leave it on autopilot because, it’s important to be vigilant & responsive.

    But what about Facebook? Posting more on your own feed does not help increase visibility, unless you tag people and it publicly shows on their wall. Do you think Facebook users are adverse to re-posts or more sensitive to multiple postings?

    Great links & article.

  5. Josh Spector says:

    Yeah, timed tweets can be really helpful. On Facebook, it’s actually the opposite – less is more, which I’m sure makes it even more confusing for people who think all social media strategy is the same.

    Here’s a Facebook post about fan pages that breaks down why you shouldn’t post too much in case you missed it: https://connectedcomedy.com/5-things-youll-be-shocked-to-find-out-about-how-your-facebook-page-works/

  6. Josh says:

    Great article, but that tweet when doesn’t work. It comes back with saying I don’t have enough RTs, then I’ll put in someone on my favstar (JohnTole) who gets hundreds of them and it says he doesn’t, then I put in robdelaney and it says he doesn’t get enough then I put in ladygaga and it said she doesn’t get enough. Then I gave up

  7. Gooney says:

    Great article! It seems to me that because just about everyone has a smart phone with internet access today, the times with the highest traffic are the couple hours in the morning leading up and through lunchtime, and later at night when people are winding down.

  8. Big Dooley says:

    Typically I’ve focused on quality over quantity on Twitter. Just the fact that pics and vids appear as links made what you say just as important as how many times you say it. However this does make a great deal of sense being that tweets can be so easily missed…

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