2 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Know About The San Francisco Comedy Scene

  1. katzmann says:

    Thanks for the Comedy Day mention. Quick correction: Comedy Day, the original, longest-running free outdoor comedy festival in the world, peaked in attendance in 1988 and 1989 when it drew more than 60,000 comedy fans to the Polo Field in Golden Gate Park. It tappered off to an average of about 25,000 fans through most of the 1990s. Audiences now average in the 5,000 range for the five-hour free funniest.

  2. Robert Berry says:

    I use to live in SF and performed for ten years before getting married and having kids. It was a great comedy scene in the 90’s and easy to get on stage five nights a week. I made some good friends, Rob Schneider, Margaret Cho and Bob Rubin. The only advice I have is if you want to be good at performing you need alot of stage time

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