2 thoughts on ““Press Pause Play” Looks Like A Must-See Documentary

  1. Phil Johnson says:

    It does look like a great film. While I think it’s great that more art can come out and artists have more control, I’m also dismayed at how much junk you have to surf through and that I can’t possibly experience even a fraction of it.

  2. There is definitely a paradigm shift taking place and it is happening at the speed of the very Internet itself. The shift is from access to an audience for one’s art to redefining how we see ourselves as consumers of other people’s art. Creative ideas feed on each other and have the power to alter personal realities. So the input we receive being exposed to the art of others forms in turn the output we produce. We can become intoxicated by the possibilities available endangering our drive to produce or we can mindfully select venues of dedicated content with the risk of being a one-hit wonder. And where do our basic needs (for which we still need money) in all of this? Are we rushing into a ‘Creativity Bubble’ or are we revolutionizing the human condition by transforming our societal structures?

    By the way…all of the above you can re-read in my soon to be released self-published book. Available soon. 🙂

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