One thought on “Your Comedy Career Is A Startup Company (Podcast Ep. 59)

  1. Jeff Scott says:

    Just finished listening to episode 59. Great info and I love the analogy about a start up. I am a year in and I use this site and podcasts as a way to learn the narketing side of the business. Thos episode was especially welcome because in my day job I am a manager for a New York City tech start up in the 3D print industry and I can tell you the focus of this episode was dead in. The dynamics are very very similar in terms of the kind of struggles and the focus prinarily on “product”. I have a background in showbands on bith the performance side and the business side so the trabsition to doing comedy has not been as much a cold start as it would be for someone else. But being in a start up has been just as valuable and I was excited to see the connection made as that has been how I am approaching things. Thanks for abother great episode.

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