4 thoughts on “Connected Comedy Podcast Episode 5: Don’t Be A Bitch

  1. Andy says:

    hopefully comics know that getting on tv, or getting a development deal does not come from “someone discovering you,” or “waiting around for it.” It is an avenue that is pursued (along with progressing artistically) by taking certain steps and making certain sacrifices…sometimes comedians believe the best thing they can do for themselves is make their punchline into a t-shirt and jerk off under the guise of “self-promotion.” Meanwhile, the opportunities that have the most substantial effect are left to some ignorant brand of hopeful thinking like, “maybe someone will see me randomly and make a career happen for me.”

  2. Ryan Budds says:

    Hey guys, another great ep. As a feature, I am always trying to find ways to leave an impression on the crowd after the show is over, which is why I was so elated to hear about the free digital download card idea that you mentioned. I whipped that up a few months back and it’s been working great. I give them the download card (they’re all the same, they just take the person to a link not visible on the navigation of my site) for people that either sign up for my email list or buy a tshirt from me after shows. I can track how many people visit that page on my website, and I can see how many people actually download/listen to the tracks through the host site bandcamp.com. It’s a 20 minute set, nothing too long or short, but it gives the person something to listen to if they liked me, and to possibly share with their friends. This whole thing cost me literally $15 to set up, which was to get the video of my set from Rooftop Comedy, minus the fee of printing the cards (around $30 for 500 double sided full color cards).

    Here’s what the cards look like: http://www.ryanbudds.com/free-cd-cards-after-shows/

    And here’s the link to my bandcamp page: ryanbudds.bandcamp.com

    I’m living proof that this works! I can usually get at least 100 emails a weekend if I push the list like I always should.

  3. Ryan, It’s great to see someone that actually is implementing the things we discuss about and are realizing how effective it actually is. Now put that digital CD behind an e-mail opt-in and you’ll find out even how much more useful that is!

  4. Ryan Budds says:

    Thanks Jordan. Yeah, when they go to bandcamp, the download is free, they just have to enter email and zip. That way, I can target them specifically when I’m in their area again.

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