3 thoughts on “Connected Comedy Podcast Episode 38: What Kinds Of Delusion Are You?

  1. James Curtis says:

    Another super negative podcast. I’m not saying you’re wrong about people’s misconceptions, but your wording and attitude is really negative and maybe you guys aren’t in a position to be offering tips because you just sound bitter and hateful.

  2. Victor Hernandez says:

    The world isn’t all sunshine, lollipops, and sloppy blowjobs(All great things).

    Most of the stand-up comedy world is negative and ego crushing, especially self-assessing your own talent level, and honestly criticisizing your act. This episode just kept it mad real.

  3. Max says:

    Thanks, I really enjoyed listening to this. This stuff needs to be said and I appreciate you guys having the balls to say it because all the delusionals are going to implode when they hear it. Aw.

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