11 thoughts on “Connected Comedy Podcast Episode 1: Pick Yourself

  1. Joey Vincent says:

    Great info as always! Sound quality blows!

  2. Josh Spector says:

    Thx. And I can’t disagree with either of those comments.

  3. Trin3ty says:

    So I was listening to you guys and I said one of these white guys sounds black. Finally I clicked on all your names to figure out which one of you were black. Then I saw him, the diabetic comedian. I realized I was participating in audioracism and I felt ashamed.

  4. [insert a hacky “white podcasters are different than black podcasters” joke]

  5. Rob Costigan says:

    Why isn’t this available on iTunes? It’s the way I get all my podcasts. And I’m sure I’m not alone on this. RSS feeds have always confused me, but iTunes make it simple. Is there a good business reason not to be on iTunes? If not, you’re missing out.

  6. Josh Spector says:

    It will be on iTunes – we just had to submit it first and get it approved. Hopefully it will be up there soon.

  7. Greg S. says:

    What about Bo Burnham? He got famous on youtube.

  8. Kyle says:

    Really enjoyed the podcast. What really made sense and spoke to me was the point about eliminating the “Middlemen” and taking the more innovative and “Entrepreneurial” route to having a successful comedy career. Also the point that comics were limiting themselves to “Stand-Up” was also a great valid argument as well; it does seem like a lot of comics are stuck in the dark ages/80’s way of doing things to succeed. I took a whole page of notes listening to this podcast and looking forward to Episode #2!

  9. Morgan Hart says:

    Thank you Jordan, Josh, and Chelcie for making my first Podcast experience one worth repeating!

  10. Josh Spector says:

    Thanks Morgan – glad you enjoyed it!

  11. Julian Michael says:

    Thanks for making this podcast. I finally took the time to listen and the advice is spot on. It’s hard (and necessary) to hear that nothing will be given in this industry. I’m excited to learn more tangible things I can incorporate into my own journey.

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