5 thoughts on “Karmin Music: 5 Things You Can Learn From A Band That’s Gone Viral

  1. cliff Yates says:

    Great article !, being real, honest, and having the willingness to disclose who you really are, is the key to connecting with audiences. It is very simple, but not easy, this article has me back at the drawing board, creating more content, so I can get it out there!

  2. EricsComedy says:

    Very inspiring article, Josh!! You RAWK!! 😉

  3. Phil Johnson says:

    Just a tip on the cover song thing. I work in both comedy and music and have been looking into the elements of doing covers on YouTube. There is no easy way to legally do it. You’re supposed to contact the publisher directly and get the license from them. On the flipside, there’s plenty of artists racking up big numbers and becoming partners with YT based on their covers.

    That would be part of why Karmin has two different channels for covers and originals. If they’re covers channel gets shut down it’s not a total loss.

    As a tie-in to comedy… If you were going to do, say, an animated cartoon based on a Ralphie May bit and use the audio from his CD, you’d have to get the same kind of permission for that. Limelight unfortunately doesn’t do those as you need a sync rather than mechanical license.

    So, in tapping into other audiences (which is still a great idea), just be aware that it’s a legal gray area.

  4. DaleZawada says:

    1. Be a hot chick.
    2. Be talented enough to not be immediately dismissed.
    3. Be a hot chick.
    4. Be consistent.
    5. Be a hot chick.

    Joking. Slightly. (I have 2 Karmin songs on my iPod…)

  5. John Moody says:

    This is great because I’ve been hesitant to talk about a day job or going through unemployment onstage for fear that it makes me appear “less professional”. The truth is, audiences know I’m not a well known comic making lots of $$$ at this point when they see me get out of my 1978 Vega before the show.

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