7 thoughts on “10 Things You Can Do To Jumpstart Your Career

  1. Scott says:

    Very inspirational! Watching that guy work out inspires me to write more jokes about fools who spend all their time working out! Just kidding, that guy is awesome.

  2. Andrew Hall says:

    The ugly truth is that the reason why more artistic types aren’t successful is because of a shit work ethic.

  3. Genevieve says:

    You wouldn’t have a list of said comedy related jobs? Been out of the work force for a bit and out of the comedy coop even longer… where does one start?

  4. Wardrick says:

    What can you do to jumpstart your comedy career?

    Start by being realistic.

    Confidence? Comedians have that in spades. You see it all over The Internet. They have that, hands down, without question.

    Realistic expectations? Not so much.

    In all this talk of social marketing and online networking, it might help to actually take a business course. While there, learn “Supply and Demand”. There are thousands of funny people vying for hundreds (or less) of jobs.

    The idea that people aren’t getting ahead is because their work ethic sucks or they aren’t trying enough is ridiculous. Comics today try harder than ever. It’s just that there’s only so much room. There’s only so much work.

    Sorry to burst the bubble. But, if you see people not getting ahead, it’s pretty naive to assume that it’s because they do not work hard enough.

    Some of the most brilliant comics you’ll ever see will not make it. Some of the worst you’ve ever seen will. Welcome to showbiz, baby. Sometimes, it’s just about luck.

  5. Wardrick says:

    And, not for nothing, but you can bust your ass getting all the Twitter followers you want. But, if the guy who books the club never returns your phone call, all those Twitter buddies don’t help you much.

    And if your “Dream” was to book yourself in bars that AREN’T comedy clubs, great! Congrats! The Twitter followers help. But if, like most comics, you dreamed of headlining actual clubs, it kinda sucks when all that social networking won’t get the manager of Uncle KnuckleFuckers to pick up the phone or return an email.

  6. Ojo Martins says:


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