2 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned From Producing Comedy Shows With Potheads And Porn Stars

  1. Cliff Yates says:

    Another great article, that hits it right on the head. As a comedian, I like to think, I should appeal to every audience, and I will be loved and accepted by everyone, no matter who the audience. Many audiences are specific, based on the area of the town, city, or country. As a cop who is a comedian, I probably need to focus more on a niche audience, and market to that audience. There is just a part of me that wants, and thinks I can have a much broader appeal. When it comes to producing shows, it tips the scale toward success, when you can appeal to that curiosity factor, and pick a lane. I myself am to the point where i can carry a show myself, in the past I have had to count on a named headliner to make a show a success, and give my audience a great show which keeps them coming back to shows I produce.

  2. vanessa church says:

    This is very good and practical information. Thanks for sharing.

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