5 thoughts on “5 Ways You Can Get Paid For Being Funny Online

  1. I can think of things to make more than $5 with my shirt off… There is a guy whose company makes a million a year in revenue selling dirt from Ireland. There isn’t much you can’t sell online.

  2. Old Texas Cowboy goes into the Country Store Gallery.
    “Gimme some ART!
    “Whut, thishere ain’t worth dirt.”
    Gallery owner, “Then let me show you some Irish dirt.”
    “Well, heck far, that’s more like it!”

  3. Daniel says:

    Here’s another idea if you have a funny character well established in your site, you could make a calendar or an exclusive set of weekly videos featuring the character…maybe a mini web-series for christmas. Something like that.

  4. Sun says:

    Once I said, ” Comedy is your heart’s remedy ”

    Stupid people think they are smart
    Then what smart people think ?

  5. bob says:

    A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

    William Shakespeare

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