One thought on “5 Things That Impact How Many People Click Links You Post On Facebook

  1. Tom Stewart says:

    Great tips here. Having a photo with your link that is relevant to the story or info is VERY important. It helps it stand out among the other posts on someone’s wall. Most of what I post links directly to my website, and I always try to find a photo to put with the story. I try to find photos that are catchy too. Say it’s a link about something related President Obama. Instead of a basic photo oh him, I make it a photo that has him doing something. The photo should make the viewer say ‘Hey, I wonder what this is all about’. The picture should make them curious about clicking.

    A lot of people don’t realize you can change the title and info on a post on facebook too. I also find this very useful. First I always change the title to something more interesting or clever. Sometimes it’s a question so that they have to click the link for the answer. Like, ‘What was Obama doing at Chuck E. Cheese?’ – CLICK they want to know now too. And I always clear out the info in the box under the title because it usually automatically puts the first few sentences of the story. And that in some cases is enough to give the reader the idea, and they won’t click. I write my own little teaser in there or something basic like ‘You gotta click here to read more’.

    As for times of day, for me I post things 3 times a day, the same things each time. Because different people use facebook at different times. I usually hit the ‘before going to work’ crowd at 8AM. Then I hit the just got home from work crowd around 5PM. And then I get the ‘Up late and bored’ people around 10PM.

    Great article! Thanks
    PS – You can find me at to check out some of the posts I add daily.

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