3 thoughts on “How To Get A Commercial Agent

  1. james hurley says:

    My wife is in a similar situation as the “female comedian” in the above question. My wife works with all the boston headliners and is a headliner herself. Most of the (male dominated) Boston comedians are “freelancers” and don’t use an agent…I’d like to know if you could recommend an agen in the Boston area. My wife is good enough and experienced enough to be booked into casinos, larger venues and cruise ships. Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. Josh Spector says:

    Hey James, the question above is actually regarding an agent for booking TV commercials, not live shows. What your wife wants is a Personal Appearance Agent, that’s who would book live gigs.

    I don’t know anybody specifically in the Boston area, but I’d recommend talking to the bookers of the venues she wants and asking them what agents they like to work with. Then track down those agents and try to get them to represent your wife.

  3. Bill Large says:

    ill tell you about being raised on a dairy farm with 6 brothers and sisters and parents that raised you the right way a father that worked to jobs and kicked you in the ass when you didnt listen getting married being married 32 years having and raising kids drinking beer eating brats talking dam stupid im always told to get on stage and tell it
    i dont have any referances except all my freinds

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