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There are currently four paid services I offer to comedians in addition to all of the free content you see on this site. They include Personalized Consulting, my Video Production Package, The Connected 20, and my Premium Reports. Here’s a breakdown of what each service provides and how much it costs…


I know that every comedian has their own unique goals, strengths, and resources, so I believe the best way for me to help you is on an individual basis. Based on your needs, I can help you with a wide range of services including (but not limited to) the following:

• Developing an overall strategy to achieve your goals
• Promoting your content
• Growing your fanbase
• Selling more of your albums and/or merchandise
• Booking more live shows and/or selling more tickets
• Growing your Twitter/Facebook following
• Helping you secure sponsors/advertisers for your content

COST FOR THIS SERVICE: I typically charge a monthly fee for my consulting services that is dependent on your exact needs. Please email me to discuss further.


If you’re interested in creating videos to showcase your talent, but don’t have the resources to do so or want some help ensuring your video’s success, then this package is for you. It includes:

• Pre-Production Consulting: I will help you hone your video concept so that what you create has the best chance of success.

Video Production and Editing: I will connect you with a Connected Comedy-recommended filmmaker and editor who I trust to do an excellent job shooting and editing your video.

• Video Promotion: After your video’s completed and released, I will help to promote the video, ensuring that your work gets the exposure it deserves.

COST FOR THIS SERVICE: The price of this package depends on how many videos you’d like to produce. It’s $600 for one video, $1,100 for two videos, $1,500 for three videos, and $1,800 for four videos. All packages include the pre-production, production, and promotion services. Please email me to discuss further.


The Connected 20 is a limited membership program through which I offer straight content promotion services for an extremely low monthly rate. Here’s more details about the program.

COST FOR THIS SERVICE: Membership in the Connected 20 costs $80 for one month, or $180 with a three-month commitment. Membership is subject to availability and is limited to 20 people at one time.


My premium reports are 20-page documents that are packed with exclusive tips and information about a specific topic that can not be found on

The first of these reports features 100+ Places To Promote Your Comedy Content.

COST FOR THIS SERVICE: My premium reports cost $25 and you can click here to purchase.

In addition to these services, I’m more than happy to talk about how I might be able to help you with your specific needs. Please feel free to email me to discuss. Thanks.


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