7 thoughts on “Case Study: How I Got Facebook Fans And Website Traffic For A Comedian

  1. Jeff Scott says:

    Great walk through of the dynamics and as always explained in a way that those of us getting revved up in social media are more likely to understand…well, me at last. I tend to approach everything as an experiment and just boosted my first post last week specifically to see the results more than to get out a pithy comment. It wasn’t spectacular but I really wanted to see how it works. I reached 2700 people and got about six or seven likes to my FB page. Based on the results my assumptions as to.my demographic target as a comic are correct and I was happy about that. I am cautiously building my social media presence half out of ignorance and half out of wanting to actually use the advice I get from other sites but specifically from Connected Comedy. I come from a show band party band background as both a performer as well as a stage and production manager so a lot of what you advocate on your articles and podcasts for comedy are things I already knew to be true in my previous experience from being involved on the business end of the show band/corporate/ festival side. The subject covered in this article hit my largest area of ignorance and is very much appreciated. Thanks a million.

  2. Josh Spector says:

    Thx Jeff! By the way, you might want to try running ads through Facebook’s ad manager as opposed to just their Boost Post option – it gives you more options and better performance I think.

    And even better than their Ad Manager is their Power Editor – google Facebook Ads Power Editor and you can learn how to use it.

  3. Jeff Scott says:

    Thanks Josh, I will take a look at both of those this weekend. I appreciate the tip.

  4. Jon Pirincci says:


    I just spent $250 on marketing last month. Just to get my name out there.Went ok…

    Looking to promote my site and fbook site for less money.Get views and comments/likes and fans.

    I do many celebrity impressions and characters

    Any more details to maybe try this?

    Jon : )

  5. Josh Spector says:

    Hey Jon, shoot me an email and we can discuss.

  6. Sam says:

    Interesting read. I am curious if you have experience with youtube promotions on videos? Targeting proper audiences, getting viewer interaction, etc.

  7. Josh Spector says:

    I haven’t done a lot of paid promotion on YouTube, but same basic principles of targeting would apply. I think YouTube is a lot more expensive than FB though, so FB is probably a better use of your promo money.

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