6 thoughts on “Why It Works: The “Epic Meal Time” Web Series

  1. I love these videos, and would recommend not watch them on an empty stomach. It would be easy to launch a cook book for these guys and with that many subscribers maybe am amazon best seller. I even heard a rumor they already have networks interested in them.

  2. You could feed every hungry person in the world with what these guys are cooking.

  3. Theo Dickson says:

    Quick correction, they are Canadian not American.

  4. mh says:

    do your damn research first, author. theyre f***ing canadian…damn ignorant americans think everything comes from the USA

  5. Bobby says:


    So you make broad generalizations about Americans why you complain about Americans while making broad generalizations?

    Epic meal time is a lot of things, but it is are NOT a cooking show. Saying it teaches anything other than how to be stupid and make money on YouTube is ridiculous.

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