3 thoughts on “The Best Audience For An Unknown Comedian To Connect With

  1. Jeremy says:

    At some point on his podcast, The Champs, which is amazing, Neal Brennan worded this perfectly: “You just have to have jokes that people want to talk about.” He meant that if you have jokes so interesting and clever that a booker will tell other bookers about, you’ll get more work, but it also applies to audience members. I’ll post the link to the episode next time I’m on my laptop.

  2. Nicky Shane says:

    I break down audiences into generations but nothing is laid in cement. I’ve been surprised by intelligent, mature college audiences and disappointed by my regular working class audience that usually relate to my material. Standing ovations are always a wonderful surprise but not everyone is going to love you, obviously! The best thing, just do your show and when you come around again the people that really liked you will return and hopefully tell their friends. Eventually you’ll build a following. After twenty years on the road I’ve had them everywhere and so have many comics.

  3. Mr. Krispy says:

    I like this article. One can also risk going too far the other way–being an extremely interesting person, but at the expense of laughs. I place Joe Rogan in this category; I always find his subject matter and ideas very interesting, but rarely actually laugh at anything he says. I feel I could have an interesting conversation with Joe, but I don’t think he ever says anything laugh-out-loud funny.

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