2 thoughts on “How To Create Your Own Personal Comedy School

  1. Lemon Luv says:

    Hello I live in Ohio its not a big entertaining state I wanted to
    know how do I book myself for out of state stand up comedy jobs?
    Cleveland has two comedy clubs and there swamped with local
    comedians.So that big break is far in between,you have to piggy
    back off someone to get that chance. I’m frustrated yet every time
    I want to give up someone calls me to perform. Yet money is rarely
    offered what should I do? I have low funds for comedy but its my nitch

    So I must continue my journey of making people laugh with 20 dollars in
    my pocket in Ohio the comedy club has a golden rule you don’t get paid
    til you leave the state and do comedy then come back to Ohio and we’ll
    see if your good then. I yi yi stupid right? Any information will do I need
    help S.O.S thanks for your time. Lemon Luv

  2. Josh Spector says:

    Hey Lemon, there’s no quick simple answer to your question but I write a lot about those concerns on this site. Here’s one post that may give you some ideas:


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