5 thoughts on “7 Things You Can Learn From Manager/Producer Barry Katz

  1. bk says:

    Thanx for the vine…I am humbled…except by the picture which looks like I’m getting oral sex from Jaws. Barry

    ps: Can you give my itunes podcast INDUSTRY STANDARD a plug at the end of the article (link: http://tw.itunes.com/6010gsB4) Thanx for all the support. BK

  2. Josh Spector says:

    Ha, thx Barry.

    I’m actually a huge fan of your Industry Standard podcast myself and happy to include a link, which I just did in the intro paragraph.

  3. Sheilah says:

    Hey Josh

    This article is extremely helpful! I loved Barry’s candidness & his willingness to share his knowledge generously using specific details. I’ve been doing stand-up for a long time and have not come near the success I dream of & before reading this article I would’ve said “Lord, I’ve done all of that (7 steps), but clearly I have not since I’m where I am…Barry’s 7 steps really outlined specific things that I can immediately improve upon…so I’m encouraged to move forward. Thanks so much Josh & Barry!

  4. Sheilah says:

    Oh one more thing Josh, thank you so much for indirectly introducing me to Barry Katz, I will now become a listener to his podcast, Industry Standard. Thank you for always sharing phenomenal info/tips/guidance. “When you know better, you do better.”
    Dr. Mayo Angelou

  5. Nicky Shane says:

    The long term career of a serious comic involves many aspects of being a good human being!! This just helps reinforce my thoughts and direction. Thank You!

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