5 thoughts on “5 Things You Can Learn From Comedy Central’s Head Of Talent On Ari Shaffir’s Podcast

  1. Ferris Barber Sr. says:

    The comments are awesome cant say enough myself I have been saying the same thing to younger comics Comedy Central is one of my goals in the near future these are great tips and i am open for more.

  2. Dick Satori says:

    This is great! Thanks so much for sharing.


  3. vic friskey says:

    Mark Larsen says, Don’t be controversial ? being unnecessarily blue or racy will hurt your chances…?? Is he watching the same comedy channel I refuse to watch…every comedian on late night is filthier than a Chicago sewer. and what about the “roasts” every other word drips with filth….yes, I’d like to see them clean up get rid of the filthy comics and filthy cartoons…what is wrong with “clean” comics….??

  4. We’ll clean comics are not as funny and can get old quick…some comedians choke and think of something to get the crowd going and from their it’s pretty much sliding down a wet hill ( which is a good thing in this case )

  5. Hi guys I’m new to this I’m 13 and 5’8 and can really dish out some hilarious one in a life time…we’ll maybe twice in a life time jokes. I’m so confident I think I can out joke Kevin hart to me he’s hilarious but some of his jokes are based on faces and swearing words. But overall I’m a mix of all of it and can go on stand and beat the one and only Kevin hart

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